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Select the language in which you want to find your search term. By default the search will look for exact matches. If you need more flexibility you can use the wildcard character % in default mode, or you can tell LuxVocabulary to search for all dictionary entries containg your search term at least as a word part.

Dictionary User Guide

In the main menu of LuxVocabulary, you can select the primary display language of this website. The default dictionary search language matches the language you selected in the main menu. To change the language in which your search term shall be found, select [EN], [LB], [DE], [FR], or [ALL]. All dictionary entries containing the search term in any of the four languages will be found if you select ALL.

The dropdown list with the options [EXACTLY] and [CONTAINS] enables you to switch between search modes. To return to the default search mode that searches for exact word matches, select [EXACTLY]. To search for all dictionary entries containing the search term at least as a word, select [CONTAINS]. If you want to find Luxembourgish translations for the English word cat, select [EN][EXACTLY] and type cat.

The wildcard character % allows you to customize your search. For example, to find all Luxembourgish words starting with ee select [LB] and [EXACTLY], and enter the search term ee%. The results, including sound samples, will be displayed as soon as you click OK.

An additional advanced query example is [LB][contains] with the search term eeeee, returning the Luxembourgish word zweeeeëg and its quadrilingual translations. To find Luxembourgish words starting with Z and ending with z, select [LB][EXACTLY] and type Z%z.

It does not matter if you use capitalization or umlauts such as ë in your search term. Finally, you can return from anywhere on this website to the dictionary by clicking the magnifying glass in the main menu.

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